How tight to make winter cover


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Nov 23, 2018
Edmonton, alberta
First time winterizing and the only thing i am not sure on is the winter cover. I cannot determine if the winter cover should be tight across the pool or hang down on top of the water. I would thing to let is loose and hang down but i have seen pools in my area where the cover is trampoline tight. I do not want to damage the pool by making it to tight. I have read many posts about hanging bleach bottles etc to help keep the cover from blowing off.

Cheers all.


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Let it hang down into the water. Since it will collect water & snow anyway, add an inch on water on to to keep it from flapping around. Many people put inner tubes or “pillows” under the cover to elevate the center.

I wouldn’t make it trampoline tight since it can damage the walls from the weight of snow above. Rain might run off, but snow won’t.
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