How pool owners see Ideal Chlorine Generator - list how you see it!


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Sep 4, 2007
I am playing with idea I had now for some years, what would Ideal Chlorine Generator look and work like? What is really needed by pool owners? Not the marketing ideas we all get sold but real needs?
For example, let's go extreme here: Do we need chlorine at all or we need sanitation? It may sound silly, but when you think of it, we only need chlorine to show as 'residual' due to regulations. Actual sanitation can be done by other methods.


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May 20, 2020
Neenah, Wisconsin
I would not feel comfortable without residual sanitation. I want things to die when they hit the water - not when they get around to being filtered through the system. Chlorine is time tested and does the job wonderfully.

From what I’ve read about SWG’s, to me the “ideal system” would theoretically test the water and adjust its settings and runtime automatically to maintain the set/desired free chlorine level in the pool. Get rid of the need to dial in operating percents, run times, etc.

And if you could keep that around $500 that would be great. :)
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Sep 4, 2007
OK, basically leave sanitation as is, with chlorination as primary disinfectant. But add chemical controller for system management.


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Jun 16, 2019
Residuals are needed in public pools due to regulations to attempt to prove they have more chlorine than was needed. But their targets are wrong from the start so it is nothing more than a false positive. I had already grossed myself out from public pools and waterparks pre TFP and now it's even worse.

As far as the automated tester goes, that will one day be the end result. Currently there is nothing reliable enough to turn loose with full AI control. Or they have reliable electronic testers which either cost a fortune or need to be calibrated frequently which rules out the average homeowner.