How often to scrub light niches during SLAM


Jul 27, 2018
Hi All,
We're undergoing our first slam for yellow algae and I have a question. How often should I be cleaning in the light niches? We scrubbed it out really well before we started the slam but now we're on day 4. Should I be getting in there and scrubbing that daily too? Is it safe to be in there when the FC is ranging from 25-30? Our pool in finally cleared up but we're still losing quite a bit of chlorine so I know we have ways to go. Thanks for your help!


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May 19, 2010
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Scrubbing it again would not hurt while at shock FC levels.

There is no danger to being in the pool. The active chlorine level at the recommended shock levels is still less than a public non-stabilized indoor pool with a FC of 1ppm.