How much water loss will a small drip cause?

Sep 6, 2007
We have a small drip leak at the base of our heater. Not a constant run, but a steady drip. Last night at around 5:00 I marked the water level and this morning at 8:30, the level had dropped to just under an 1/2". Could a small drip cause this much loss? Luckily my heater is under warranty and the repair man is scheduled to come, but this seems like too much. This is our first pool, it was installed last summer. It is a 12x25 fiberglass pool and our temps have only been in the upper 70's. If this is not the heater, how does the PB even find a leak? We've checked all around the pool and cannot find any sign of saturation and the dry well is not full.


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May 7, 2007
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Most, or possibly all, of the water loss is probably evaporation. A drip wouldn't do anything detectable overnight. If you are worried about leaks you should do a bucket test. Get a bucket and put it in the pool somewhere so that the rim of the bucket is above the water level. Fill the bucket to the same level as the pool water. The next day check to see if the bucket has lost just as much water as the pool (evaporation) or the pool has lost more (leak).