How much MORE does a Spa add to your New Pool Quote?

Rico Laguno

Active member
Aug 19, 2010
Nyack, NY
CUrious, Im in the process of looking at some medium sized fiberglass pool installers and was wondering, approximately how much more does adding one of those pool plus spa combos add to your quote?

I know some pool manufacturers also simply offer them as seperate pieces that you can intergrate into your pool deck design as well.

I may even consider a vinyl pool and spa install if the price is lower and I can fit the 2 into my budget

Im not looking for exact numbers, just a ballpark idea of how much more I can expect to be quoted by adding a basic spa into the pool install

Also, what other factors now need to be considered if I choose to build both a spa and pool together?, larger pumps, heater, etc?

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