How much is an acceptable amount of grit to be getting on each cleaning? Pics of grit collection after two passes with new S200 clone (Explorer E30)

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Oct 28, 2014
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So a few caveats:
Over the winter I had the pool re-plastered with QuartzScapes. Our sand filter was also 13+ years old and was putting out sand in the return lines so I had the contractor also remove/replace the sand and check to see why it was leaking sand. They said the laterals were good but there was a screen that had gone missing (or dislodged, don't recall) within the filter that they fixed.

I had been using side suction after we opened the pool this season but the PoolCleaner was on it's last legs, I also used a manual suction head too, along with an inline leaf canister at all times. Pool was cleanish to the eye from big particles but I could kick up gray clouds when brushing the floor. I had assumed it was dead algae from the beginnings of a bloom I had slammed.

My new shinny S200 clone came in mail yesterday so I let her rip with the stock "spring" fine filter. I was expecting a few plant stems and tiny leaf particles. I didn't expect much grit to get caught with the spring filter.

Boy was I wrong! Wozers!

After the robot was done the pool filter schedule turned on and filtered the water on high speed for 2 hours. I waited for filtering to stop and the water to calm down and then ran the robot a 2nd time just for good measure.

I wasn't expecting much but, again, I was a bit surprised at just how much stuff it picked up.

So I'm assuming the 2nd round of stuff was just stuff that was getting thrown around into the water when the 1st round was doing it's thing? 🤔 I'm sure a little bit of grit goes a long way and it might be clouding my perspective (see what I did there? Sorry, Dad jokes will never die).

I guess time will tell after several regimented cleanings to give me an idea of how much grit/silt I should expect on an average cleaning even when the pool already looks clean. However should I be concerned with my sand filter or plaster? You cleaner veterans what is considered an okay or normal amount of particulates picked up by your robot?

Pics of rebuild and pool located here
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Aug 19, 2014
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Looks like sand filter sand. I'd just keep cleaning. Should go down to almost none eventually.
As long as the sand filter is not throwing any back in.


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Jul 7, 2014
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What borjis said above... If you have that kind of stuff in the pool it will initially take several passes for it to all get sucked up.. The cleaner is not damaging your pool, it is just cleaning the stuff you never realized was even there.


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I get a fair amount of grit in my cleaner. On windy days its works. Stuff just blows in.
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