How much bleach ??


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May 27, 2007
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Do you use in order to keep your FC levels where you want them to be?
I'm losing about 2.5 ppm per day in FC with my CYA at 40, CC is 0, CA at 180,
TA at 100 and Ph at 7.4 The only thing I'm using is 6% bleach and no shocking has
been required to date. I'm not using any kind of pucks in the skimmers, just around 190 oz.
of bleach every other day. The pool has gotten full sun every day lately.
The water is sparkling clear and couldn't be happier.

Just wondering if this loss rate is about right.

Hope everyone's pool is clear and cool ...

chem geek

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Mar 28, 2007
San Rafael, CA USA
A pool in full sun all day typically loses up to half the starting (morning) FC level, though it's usually a bit less. Some people have found that having a higher CYA level helps reduce the loss even when using a proportionately higher starting FC level, but this is a difficult change to reverse (if it doesn't work for you) as only dilution of water will reduce CYA levels. Also, shocking at higher CYA levels requires a lot more chlorine (if one ever needs to shock). Nevertheless, some people run their non-SWG pools at higher CYA (60-70 ppm) and are happy with it.