How much Bleach in a year


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May 3, 2008
rock springs, wi
My local grocery store has a generic 6% bleach on sale for $1.19 gallon. They have a couple pallets full of boxes sitting out on the floor. My 27' round AGP will be set up within the next few weeks. Is there any way to guestimate how much bleach I might need for the season, figuring part of June, July August and maybe part of September. (Kind of depressing to think about how short the swimming season is in Wisconson). Is there any way to just approximate the weekly or monthly usage? Does bleach deteriate in unopened bottles? Would there be any downside to buying a lot at once to be used over several months?


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May 20, 2007
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Yes, bleach will decrease in strength over time, especially if stored in sunlight, hot sheds, hot garages, etc.

Depends on your water chemistry, weather, bather load etc., but it really can vary. Higher CYA means more bleach, so I probably use more than other people. It's really hard to say.

I would say buying 4-8 is not an issue, more if you are going to have to shock. But for a new pool... do you have space to store that much bleach?

I don't know maybe 12 bottles is okay to buy at once for a new pool? 1 bottle a week minimum for the rest of the season? Could be too much could be too little. You should be able to better guestimate for your pool for next season, based on this seasons use.

Honestly I don't remember how much I used last summer. Less than 20, and that's with shocking a couple times.