How much 60% non metallic algicide to add when FC is lowered for rust treatment, and how often to re-apply algicide?


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Sep 2, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
I’m reading through all the rust / stain removal threads and it says to add Non metallic algicide when you are treating your pool with the stain removal treatment.

It says to follow your algicide bottle for instructions but the algicide bottle assumes you have chlorine, and it also lists an initial treatment vs weekly maintenance.

Considering there is little to no FC in my pool, I assume I should following the initial treatment of 70ml per 10,000litres, but how often should I re-apply? Just in case I don’t get all the stains removed right away and need to continue tomorrow or the day after.

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I think you would benefit from the discussion on this thread:

Hope that helps.