How many times to turn over pool?


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Aug 18, 2020
See so many recommendations - PB says 1 time in 24 hours. Online resources range from 1 to 4 times in 24 hours. I have a VFD pump. 13,500 gallons. Figure to run in from 7am - 10:30am at 50GPM (10,500 gallons) and again from 2pm-5pm at 50gpm (9000 gallons). How does this sound? This of course is independent of any swim time where bubblers, hot tub, etc. etc. will be utilized circulating more water. One a normal day, is 19,500 gallons in a 10 hour window sufficient for a 13,500 gallon pool? Thanks!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Turnover is a myth. There is no turnover requirement to keep the pool sanitary.

The amount of pump runtime you need for your SWG to generate the needed chlorine will be more then sufficient. After that it is personal preference for how much you run your pump. Some of us like running our pumps 24/7 at low speed.

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Jul 7, 2014
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The myth rests on the principle that your filter is there to prevent algae.. It is not.. it is there to simply capture all the junk that falls into your pool. If you are happy with the way your skimmers are working, than you most likely have run the pump long enough.

You can run your pump for however long you want.. But we do not want you to run your pump just to meet some mythical number.. Run your pump for a reason.. To skim the pool surface, to generate the amount of chlorine you need if you have a SWCG, or tab feeder, or to just mix some added chemicals.

Since you have a VS pump, my recommendation is to run as slow as what works for you.. The whole point of a VS pump is to cut the cost of the old electrical bill.. I run my pump 24/7, at 1200 RPM, most of the time.. My cost to do that is less than $20 bucks a month and I could not care less how may turnovers that is.. I personally like that my SWCG is making a little chlorine all the time, and that I have constant skimming.

Every pool and every pool owner is different.. Just run the the amount of time that works best for you.


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