how many pucks to increase cya from 20 to 40-50


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Jun 14, 2018
Long Island NY
I still have an inline chlorinator hooked up even though I've been using a Stenner Pump solely. Opened the pool this season over two months ago and cya was around 50. Slow and normal decline over the past two months to roughly 20. I unplugged the stenner and put 6, 3" pucks in the chlorinator set to full.

Normally I would test cya every 2 days until I get back to my target and then remove the undisolved pucks. But can anybody tell me exactly how many 3" pucks it takes to increase my cya from 20 to 40 and 50?


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Jul 21, 2013
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In your 26,000 gallon pool each 8oz trichlor tablet will raise FC by 2.1, CYA by 1.3, lower pH by 0.11, and add 1.7ppm of salt.
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