How many MicroBrite lights for tanning ledge?


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May 14, 2020
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How many Pentair MicroBrite LED color lights would you recommend for an 18' by 6' tanning ledge?

To provide a little more context, as shown in the picture below, the tanning ledge will extend across the 18' width of the pool (the overall dimensions of the pool are 18' by 36'). The tanning ledge will have a water depth of 9". The current plan is to have a total of 5 MicroBrite lights (1 in the spa, 3 in the main pool body, and 1 on the tanning ledge). The plans have the one light on the tanning ledge being placed in the middle of the 18' width (i.e. with the tanning ledge light being located in the wall of the pool that is on the right in the picture below, and shining out towards the left). Is one light sufficient for the tanning ledge considering how wide it is? Conversely, if I were to put two (or even three) lights on the tanning ledge in that right wall shining out to the left (to provide a better distribution of light across the entire width of the tanning ledge), would that make the tanning ledge too bright relative to the amount of light that will be in the rest of the pool?



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Jul 21, 2013
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Pentair guideline is to aim for 4 lumens per square foot of pool surface. Microbrite color lights are 500 lumens. So it should cover about 120 sq ft. That is about the size of your tanning ledge.



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Jun 25, 2019
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I would say one light is probably not going to cover it fully. Lumens aside, it’s an 18 foot span. If it was 18 feet of pool, it would be two lights. Sure the ledge is shallower and light will reflect off, but I think just one will leave you with dark spots at the edges. I guess you could do one along the long wall hitting the ledge, but it might make the ledge look too bright on the near side.