How long without water? (summer escape pool)


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
I think it is questionable that a 10 year old intex pool liner will survive a drain. We don't see many pools lasting that long to hear what happens.

Let us know how it goes if you do the drain.

@Casey @kimkats thoughts?


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Jul 10, 2012
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With him being in MI and not as hot so he might be okay for a day or so. I would cover the pool with a tarp to keep the sun off of it to be on the safe side.

I DO have to ask about the rails are you getting 10 yrs out of THEM?


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Apr 16, 2007
I think I'd be more worried if wind came through n took advantage of the empty pool. I've seen it happen already this year.


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We had a pool full of guck when we opened, and we had to drain it down all the way to get it clean enough to refill. It sat with no water for several weeks. Filled again, no problems.

Now, admittedly it's only a year old, but it didn't make the liner brittle or anything. Your mileage may vary, of course.


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May 11, 2020
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Well I did not drain the pool and just filled it, the pool has been sinking on the drain plug side for for the first couple of years or so during the winter. When I removed the pool cover in the spring, the drain plug had pop off during the winter and drain some water, so I started to put a cinder block in a plastic tote and placed it on the drain plug to keep it from popping open.

After I posted the question, I found out that these types of pools are ok to be drained, because they are suppose be taken down every year anyway, I have never have taken this pool down ever, just drain some and put a cover on it for the winter. Does anyone really take these type of pools down in the fall?

As for it being 10 yrs old this year, I was surprised to see you say that these types of pools don't last that long? One leg maybe two will need to be replaced because of some rust at the feet, I plan to re-level it next year, waited too long this season, I can still get quite a few more years, maybe more out of this pool still.

I also got 9 yrs out out of my intex sand filter, died last year at the end of the season, how long do they last?

I just bought the intex auto pool cleaner and used it today, very impressed with it so far, wish I had this years ago!

As for the rails, not sure why they lasted so long?
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