How long to wait to add conditioner after ph downb dry acid ?


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May 4, 2017
Hello, and thank you
I just took my water to test today and they told me my ph was high and 0 chorine, so I should add dry acid, then conditioner and then shock. So far I have added ph down and it has 2 tabs in the floater however I don't know when it's safe to add the conditioner? And after that how long should I wait to shock?
Thank you


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Jul 7, 2014
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We are a little different than most pool websites as we would rather decide for ourselves what to add to our pools, rather than being told by the Pool $tore what to add to our pools.

Most of us test our own pool water and then use the Pool Math (link a the top of this page) to determine what needs to happen for us to have a clean, sanitized, and crystal clear pool.

Most of us do not use "tabs" nor do we have to "shock" our pools on a routine basis.

It all starts with testing your own water with an accurate test kit. Look around this site and read this...

Once you have had a chance to learn what we do to keep our pools so clean and clear, let us know if you are interested in coming over from the dark side of Pool $tore maintenance... :p


Jim R.