how long to run pump after adding bleach?


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Feb 15, 2017
Ferndale, MI
So, my SWG generator was off because I just opened (Wednesday) and was adding more salt yesterday. this morning I left the house and forgot to see if it was running and to turn it up. Well, i got home to a very loud, annoying pump noise, so I shut it off and called the pool store to send someone out. I figured it had been on long enough today anyway. Then I tested my pool and my FC is a 3. My CYA is only 50 right now. I figured I needed chlorine and went and got some bleach. Now, I came here to ask how long I should run the pump to circulate it, but I see I misread the CYA chart and at 50 CYA, I'm probably fine at 3. but I need to raise my CYA, so I should probably still add the bleach? Am I making sense?