How long to run pool pump in So Cal in Winter

Sep 22, 2019
So cal
Just had my pool built and had my pool guy setup my Jandy aqua link. I accidentally erased his settings for the winter. My current pool temp is 55 degrees. At my place in SoCal, it gets down low 30’s in the winter. Recommendation for pump run time and hours in the winter? It is not salt water, I have a built in chlorinator.


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Jul 7, 2014
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The same general rules apply.. You need to run your pump long enough to do what you want.. If skimming is important, then you need to run long enough to keep your pool skimmed. If the only thing that is important to you is chlorine generation, then you need to run long enough to generate the chlorine you need from your tab feeder.

If all you are worried about is mixing of any chemical additions than two hours is more than enough.

The only other thing is that you need to make sure that your pump is running any time the air temps drops below 33 degrees.

There is no requirement to run x amount of water through your filter each day.


Jim R.