How long does Epoxy paint really last??


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May 5, 2008
I am looking to repaint my gunite plaster pool with an epoxy paint. How long does this usually last as the quotes for replaster out in CA are very large. I figure repainting may cost 1-2k. I also have some possible crack although my pool does not leak. Is there something to patch it with when the pool is drained?

The cheapest quote I got for replastering was 5500 and for pebblefina was 6500.
I also got a quote to redo the pool in fiberglass which was around $10k
to add new tile and coping was additional bucks.

The plaster is peeling and I can no longer keep the algea off with chemical and daily scrubbing.

I did get an idea from one of the contractors though about redoing the coping. Since it is older concrete style coping they recommend painting with Behr Concrete stain for $10/ft. The pain is only $22/ gal at home depot. Kind of silly since he asked me to pick the color and I saw what paint they were using.

My tile is still in pretty good shape and is blue. Is there any recommendation on coping color? My tile is blue.
Also right now I have white plaster, do people prefer like Blue paint instead?

Thanks for the replies.