How long do I REALLY have to wait for robot on new plaster?


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Sep 27, 2020
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I'm seeing a lot of conflicting advice (even on this forum) about how soon after plaster can you start using your robot. The Start-up New Plaster wiki says 14 days, yet several threads on this forum have notable people saying 28-30 days. WetEdge, NPC, NPT, PebbleTec all say 28 days. Yet, I've seen some builders on this forum use them even earlier - 7 days.

I'd love to dump my robot in there at the 14 day mark. We get a lot of finer sediment that brushing and filtering is slow to remove. Also I doubt our startup guy will vacuum with a brush vacuum like you're supposed to. Our plaster is a polished WetEdge Primera Stone.... guys were walking around in heavy boots and hydraulic polishers 24 hours after plastering. Does this make damage from the robot less or more likely?

I will probably wait until the 28 day mark since that is what WetEdge states in their startup guides and we have a WetEdge plaster...and I know the "official" advice of this forum is to do whatever your warranty says, I'm just confused on how varied this advice seems to be. What's the likelihood of damage occurring at 14 days? Why does the wiki say 14 days, if most of the big-plaster brands including the NPC stipulate 28 days?


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Conrad !!! I believe that once you aren’t brushing up dust, the finish is cured and you are good to go. But the industry has to pick a timeframe so they go with the highest amount that will cover everyone’s unique pool circumstances and cover their own butts for warranty purposes.

If it was me, I’d think long term. You’ll be looking at this finish for 15 years. You won’t even remember these extra two weeks next year, much less a decade+ from now.

I get it. New toys and what not. Believe me I get it. :) I’d be erring on the side of caution with my honking investment tho. That would override my wanting to play with the toys.
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