How long did your pump last before you replaced it?


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Jul 20, 2015
Hi everyone,

I am just wondering how old your pump was before you replaced it? Did you ever fix it first before replacement?

For reference we are in Ontario Canada and our pool season is only about 5 months. Our current setup is an old 1980 18x36 pool with 8ft deep end, 1.5" piping two jets and one skimmer line. We also have a hayward super pump 1hp (that we run for 7 hours on a timer at night during cheap hydro) and a hayward sand filter.

Our pump was on it's last legs at the end of last season, I want to get a new pump, husband wants to fix it. He is an electrician and thinks it is the capacitor. We replaced the bearings on it about 3 years ago. We are not sure how old the pump is, but we have had it 6 seasons and suspect that it was about 5 years old or more when we bought the house. so I would say it is at least 10 - 15 years old. At what point do you just stop fixing it and replace it?

I would like to get a VS pump and be able to run it during the day which is better, but all of the pool stores and companies just keep saying it isn't worth it for our setup and to just stick to a 1 speed. That doesn't make much sense to me but they have my husband convinced to just stick with what we have. Here in Ontario there is currently no law banning the sale of 1 speed pumps so that is not an issue. Hydro here during the day is 13cents/kwh and at night is 8cents/kwh.

How long can a pump really live? Should we fix it or replace it?

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