How long before acidity causes damage?


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Jul 15, 2012
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My spa has a leak and also flooded with hurricane Ida after effects. I tested the water and found the pH slightly above 8 and the CH at 225. I added calcium increaser (Pool Solutions Calcium+ calcium chloride) to bring calcium to 400 (roughly 4 cups) and muriatic acid to target pH of 7.5 (12 oz). An hour later I checked pH and it had dropped to 6.8. I added 4 oz of "Pool Alkalinity Increaser" (Pool Solutions Sodium Bicarbonate) and got pH to 7.4. My heater was exposed to the 6.8 pH for about an hour (while heating the spa at 104). Should I be concerned about the copper?

Note I had added boric acid last week and targeted 50, but my borates test strip still showed 50, so I left that number in the pool math. But my mind tells me that borates must have dropped with calcium and salt given the flooding and small leak (salt level falls about 100 ppm/day from leak). Overstating the borates in pool math may have led to adding too much acid.


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As Mark says, that should not be an issue.

In the future, do not add items like calcium chlorine, baking soda or soda ash, muriatic acid, etc that close together. Give many hours to at least a full day between those items, if at all possible. You can get cloudy water, scale, etc if they are not very well dispersed prior to the next addition.
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