How long after adding a gallon of 7.5 chlorine can we swim


Jul 1, 2021
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Liquid Chlorine
How long after adding a gallon of 7.5 chlorine can we swim? I’m new to the whole liquid chlorine, switched when I found this site & I was fighting cya and algae. So we only swim on weekends (2 adults) with the pool math I add a gallon every morning for my 24,000 in ground pebbletech pool. No shade full sun all day. We’re pushing 100 a day. My cya with dot test is 38-40. I just spent 48 hours overflowing and 3 days slam week before last. Now trying to figure out adding daily morning...but then how long do we have to wait to swim? Or should I add at night after we swim?
In photo you can see I turned on water features and waterfalls to circulate the water more than just the pumps.


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