How I'm doing spring start up


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Jun 5, 2010
Posting if anyone is interested. Any comments/criticisms welcome.
I live in southeast MA. Have had this pool for about 20 years. I have a pretty sweet setup with winter cover and Coverstar electric cover so things don't get too dirty over the winter and the pool stays covered much of the time.
The pool guys open the pool in early to mid May and it's pretty cold so no one will be swimming for probably a 3-4 weeks.

My preference is this:
I don't like to backwash.
DE seemed relatively easy to clean off the grids, is cheap but it gets all over the place and I just don't like handling it.
Cellulose fiber is much nicer to deal with but seems hard to get off the grids.

So after pool at shock levels and 1-2 weeks of running pool robot under the pool cover I will start to vacuum. By the time I start the pool is already pale green-blue and it's also a bit warmer outside . Since I can't vacuum to waste where I am, I have been vacuuming through a skimmer sock with the pump on recirculate.
The sock will clog quickly in only a few minutes but the amount of sludge removed is very impressive and the pool will clear very quickly. I have lots of skimmer socks and can swap them out fairly quickly.
Once this gets clear enough will resume conventional filtering.
The downside it that I can't use the SWG during this time because it gets quickly clogged when pump is recirculating pook gunk- so I use liquid pool shock (12.5% bleach). Since the pool is covered, though it's not too hard to keep levels.

I thought about those Duda bags on returns as an alternative to filtering in skimmer socks.

Here are the skimmers with clogged socks:IMG_20190522_174413.jpg

Heres the pool: