How high is OK for TA?

May 27, 2008
I'm new at pool management, but am learning fast from this site. We have a 1700 gal Intex pool. I added too much Borax. Which raised the TA and pH. I used acid to drop the pH. and am letting it go up. I also had to let the chlorine and pH drop to use a metal sequesterant.

Numbers from the 5 way drop test are:

chlorine 2.0

pH 7.5

CYA 30

TA 160

I read the instructions on lowering the TA by aeration. I do not feel able to do that. Our pool just has a pump. I do not understand the terms used for adapting parts of the pool to increase aeration. I do understand using kids to aerate. I decided to hope the high TA would not hurt them and let them swim. I was only able to get our 2 kids in the pool for a short time. It is pretty cold and rainy now. What if I just add a little acid again to get the pH to 7.2 ich and call it good? Then, in a couple of weeks the weather will warm and they will aerate it well.


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May 7, 2007
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You don't need to lower the TA. Just keep an eye on the PH and lower it down to 7.2 when it gets to 7.8. Keep in mind that lots of kids splashing and rain will both raise the PH.