How easy is it to replace a dead 5yr old Pentair IC40 with Pentair Ichlor 30?


Aug 22, 2016
So my Pentair IC40 lasted 5 yrs. Now dead (power at transformer, no lights, no power at unit). My pool is 18k, inground, pebble finish. My Pentair Mastertemp 400 just died due to leaking water exchange manifold (rusted and corroded tub). When pool company came out to replace it with a Jandy JXI 400 (I’m growing tired of my Pentair equipment dying), I had them test the IC40. Confirmed dead. They suggested replacing it with an Ichlor 30, as that’s “all I need” for my pool size and it’s a direct screw on replacement. About $850 with the service call. With the advantage of this forum, found an Ichlor 30 online for $540 with free shipping. My question, is it as easy as it sounds to just “plug and play“ the Ichlor30 for the IC40? Thank you!


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Jul 7, 2014
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We always recommend that your SWCG should be at least 2 x the volume of your pool.. I would not recommend going with the iChlor 30..

There is no reason that you can't buy your own IC40 and install it yourself. You still get a two year warranty even with a DIY install of a cell... It is as simple as disconnecting the cell and cable and installing the new cell and cable.

I just bought one from ... Pentair IntelliChlor Chlorine Generator IC40 Cell 520555

I have not measured anything, but it looks to me like the iChlor is a lot smaller than the IntelliChlor and that some plumbing would have to be done.

You do understand that salt cells are consumed as they are used... 5 years is about the average life of a cell..


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