How “dry” should lines be after blowing out for closing?


Aug 9, 2019
Bethlehem, pa
In-ground plaster pool with attached spa with very simple piping setup so easy to isolate spa/pool and suction/return lines.

Last year, after reschedule with the closing company twice I said screw it and decided to do it myself. I think i was overly cautious trying to get every last ounce of water out of the lines (except main drain) as possible, then trying to pour anti-freeze in as a fail safe. Had no problems that I know of except i spent close to 5 hours not including putting the cover on.

So my question is how dry should the lines be after blowing them out? I’m mainly concerned with the return lines, since i have 4 returns at the pool and 5 in the spa, so i was never able to get all of them “bone” dry…once i got to the furthest one and re-opened the closest one to double check, there would always be a tiny amount of spray coming out.

I’m thinking I’m being overly cautious, given that even if there’s only enough water to fill a quarter of the pipe diameter at the lowest spot (2”, btw), that there’s plenty of room for expansion if it freezes. I’m pretty sure the pool copmany doing the closing wouldn’t be as thorough, but would the even need to be?
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