How do these results look?


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May 17, 2012
Started this spring with a swampy mess, but thanks to this forum and the great people here, it is now crystal clear.

I had a small DPD test kit that I was using but I had to rely on pool store tests for the things my kit wouldnt test. I gave in and just got a better one from TFTestKits (really fast shipping by the way). I also just ordered a 8gal Liquidator to feed the beast for me - should arrive later this week.

Here is my first full set:

FC - 5.5
CC - 0.5
TC - 6.0
pH - 7.5
TA - 170
CYA - ~27
CH - 140
Water is crystal clear and seems to consume approx 2ppm chlorine each day.

Here are my questions:

1) should I work to lower TA or just leave it? pH has been very stable.
2) should I nudge CYA up to 30? I've been rounding to 30 for my levels anyway.
3) The CYA/Chlorine chart shows FC levels of min=2, target=4, and shock=12. The pool calc shows goal of 2 to 6. How do these relate? Is 4 ideal, but anywhere between 2 and 6 is ok? I have been letting FC drop to 2 then add bleach to 6. That is about 1 jug every other day. Is that the right way or should I try to keep it over target?
4) I assume the Liquidator will allow me to tune into a more constant level (4?) correct?

Thank you!


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May 7, 2007
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1) While the TA is high: any time PH gets up to 7.8, lower it to 7.2. Otherwise, unless PH increases are bothering you, you can leave TA alone.
2) You should raise CYA up to between 40 and 50.
3) Yes, 2 to 6 is fine, and 4 is ideal in most pools, but ideal varies.
4) Yes.