How do my Test Results Look?


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May 14, 2008
Testing right now with a Taylor 2005.

I been reading posts on this website and formerly on the since the end of last summer which has been a tremendous help and have been able to keep my pool sparlkling clean ever since thanks to you guys/gals. It's nice to have a forum with so many people sharing their knowledge and experiences. So thank you for your time; It is much appreciated.

So last week I have just opened up my pool for this summer and I think I have everything as close as I can get it, but let me know what you think.

Pool is a 12,500g AG.
TC I keep between 3-6ppm by adding 96oz. (3 quarts) 6% bleach every other day (so far). Would it be better to add 1/2 jug every day than 1 jug every other day? For instance does the small chlorine swing affect any other parameters.
PH 7.5 (looks between 7.4 and 7.6)
ALK 80 (Was at 60 so I added baking soda to get to 80 and PH was correct so it stayed at 80)??????
CYA 30ppm

Water looks great. Should I bump up the ALK then bring PH down or is 80 fine. Should I bump up my CYA? It seems pretty stable right where it is and I'm pretty happy with it I guess. I just have a tendecy to keep messing with things.

Also I would like to purchase another test kit as mine is about used up & I would like one that will read higher chlorine levels. I read about the Taylor 2006k? or something similar and also read the post on here about Dave's test kit which looks very nice. Which kit is the preffered?

Thanks again for all your help.


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May 7, 2007
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I like TA between 70 and 90 when using bleach, so you are fine there.

CYA is best between 30 and 50, so you are fine for now. Keep in mind that splash out, backwashing, and overflow will slowly lower the CYA level. Because of that I normally adjust it towards the higher end of the range at the start of the season. But it is fine where it is for now.

More uniform FC levels are slightly better, but the difference may not be worth the extra effort. Just be sure to keep FC at 3 or higher at all times and you will be fine.

I recommend the TF Test Kit, see the link in my signature. The chemistry is essentially identical to the Taylor K-2006 but you get more reasonable quantities of each reagent for about the same money. With the Taylor kits you always run out of one thing way before you run out of other things. The TF Test Kit gives you larger quantities to begin with and in more reasonable proportions so all the tests last about the same amount of time.