How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)?

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That's chlorine (dichlor) with some sodium bromide so that it will make bromine. That's not much better than getting bromine tabs except it makes bromine faster (i.e. tabs dissolve more slowly), but it doesn't build up bromide that quickly.

What about going to Walmart and getting Brilliance for spas Start Up? Or what about the startup salt used with Genesis systems (they start with sodium bromide for their bromine generators)? Or Leisure Time Sodium Bromide?


Sep 12, 2013
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ok - really silly question but I want to make sure I am not missing something. I switched to Bromine in the spa. The test strips the dealer recommended measure both bromine and free chlorine. I am at "OK" levels of bromine, but there are only trace amounts if any of Free chlorine. My assumption is that when using bromine you should not expect to see free chlorine and vice versa, but we all know about assumptions :)

I also realize I need to get a full test kit and will do so shortly, but in the meantime is it safe to use a spa with good bromine levels and no FC?

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Mar 28, 2007
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It looks like the test strips for Free Chlorine don't see bromine, but I bet that any strips for Total Chlorine do. For the drop-based tests, the bromine should show up as Free Chlorine if you were to use a chlorine test.

You're probably OK, but it's hard to know given the test strips.


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Thanks for this great post and the one at pool spa forum entitled Bromine for beginners.

I have a leftover bottle from the former owner of 10% chlorine. I tried to use the ratio formula to figure out what amount I would need of 10% bleach in my spa but it doesn't work as actually shows I would need more volume. In reality it should be less as it is more concentrated. So I can't use 2 oz. of 6% equals X oz. of 10%. Can anyone shed some light here on how much 10% bleach I would need per hundred gallons?

Thanks in advance. I learned so much from these 2 forums.


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Best I can do on that is to think of the percent of chlorine as units. If you have 1 oz of 6% bleach you have 6 units. 2 oz and you have 12 units. The 10% is 10 units in 1 oz. so 12 units divided by 10 is 1.2 oz
2oz 6% should be equal to 1.2oz of 10%

As for how much to use in your spa per hundred gallons, what level are you trying to reach and have you tried using the "Pool Math" calculator to just punch in the 10% value in FC for your spas total gallons ??


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Apr 24, 2015
Thank you for this forum. It is helping my understanding of my Hottub, that I recently converted to Bromine.

Can you please confirm that my understanding is correct:

Bromide is the reservoir. You add it first.

Chlorine can be used as an oxidizing agent that converts the Bromide to Bromine, which is the active form. Bromine kills bacteria and other organic compounds.

Bleach can be used as the Chlorine based oxidizing agent for both shocking and basic Bromide activation.

Is thins correct?

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