How do I turn on my waterfall?


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Mar 26, 2018
DFW, Texas
I bought a new house and it has a pool. I'm slowly trying to learn the equipment thanks to everyone here! Next on my list, figure out how to operate the waterfall.

Here are two overview pictures of my pool equipment. I do have a couple of pictures close up of different parts, so please let me know if you'd like a closeup of any section. From what I've observed, when the pentair legend (vacuum) is running, it and the waterfall seem to take turns. The pentair will move a bit, then stop and the waterfall comes on. Then the waterfall runs a bit, then it stops and the pentair comes back on.

How can I just have the waterfall run on its own?

pool equipment - all from end.jpgpool equipment - all.jpg

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Sounds like your waterfall and vacuum are competing for the same water pressure. Follow the PVC plumbing "out" of the filter back to the pool. I see more than one type of valve "after" the filter, so I'm sure the valves adjust flow to your waterfall, return jets, and it looks like also your pressure-side operated vacuum. You can turn each valve one at a time partially and watch for changes in the pool and equipment to see what works best for you at the time. Remember with the black 3-way handles - the handle side is the "open" end of the valve. That duckbill/flat part of the black valve means closed. Hope that helps.