How do I replace the easy set cartridge filter with a larger intex salt system pls?


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Jul 4, 2009
North Georgia
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I need guidance, please. My ancient 18' steel side pool liner fell apart 2 yrs ago right after I had a replacement salt system installed. The pool is gone, and I plan to put in its place asap a 15x33 intex easy set to get by on (still boxed/sealed). I want to upgrade that easy set 1000 gph cartridge chlorine filter with the new salt system pump from the former pool:

(Intex Krystal Clear 1600 GPH Saltwater System & Sand Filter Pump Swimming Pool Set CS20110).
Intex 1600 GPH Saltwater System & Sand Filter Pump Swimming Pool Set

I think the salt hoses from the old pool are bigger. They have the plastic gray nuts on the ends.

Where would I begin? I'm not the most clever with tools etc but not totally helpless. Unfortunately I have no one to assist in person but for the forum and youtube.

I don't think these are the right ones; but I have a couple of them. I think they go small to large, not vice versa.

**These look promising. Could they be right? The description says:
  • Coverts INTEX pools with 1.25" fittings to 1.5" fittings
  • Needed when upgrading a 1000 GPH INTEX pump or smaller, to a 1500 GPH INTEX pump or larger
  • Generally two adapters are needed to connect a larger pump
  • Part #: 10722/25009
  • Required for upgrading from an Intex 530 GPH or 1000 GPH filter pump to an Intex 1500 GPH or larger system
I appreciate this very much. I don't want to do chlorine if I can get out of it.

Thank you.
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