How do I remove air from the pool filter system


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Dec 20, 2020
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Hello , I Have a Pentair Intelliflo Variable speed Ultra energy efficient pump 354605.

I'm aware there is a leak by the pump and the motor and I need to replace the seals (thats planned for this weekend ).
I noticed that the filter when it runs its fluctuating or surging in the speeds. I think because air is in the line possibly from the bad seals.
I looked at the console and it was showing the amps going up and down.This morning when i tried to run the filter at the lowest speed I got a over amp alarm so Ive decided to keep the
filter off till I replace the seals or remove the air from the lines.

How to i evacuate the air from the system?



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Surging like that is likely the result of a problem in the plumbing feeding the pump. Check the strainer basket lid on the pump first for a good seal, then go check the skimmer(s) in the pool. A low water level or sticking weir door can cause water flow problems.
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