How do I know if I need to replaster my pool?


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Jul 13, 2010
I just bought a house with a pool. THe house is 30 years old and the pool is probably as old as the house. We had a home inspector and he didn't mention that there was any issues with the pool however there is some discoloration on the bottom surface of the pool, it is all over the bottom of the pool. Generally it just looks like a whiter shade of plaster or something. I noticed a couple of bumps in the pool but mostly it feels smooth (except those two bumps I mentioned). Do i need an acid wash or replaster or what? Wha are signs that a pool needs to be replastered, acid washed?


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May 20, 2007
South Central NJ
Does the surface feel like ultra fine sandpaper or something coarser?

Do bathing suits get snagged on the walls?

Do feet feel abraded after swimming?

Is gunite visible where the plaster is thinned? Usually the step area and swim out are the high traffic areas where this shows.

Are the bumps solid of slightly compressible? How big are they?

Acid washing kills plaster life. It is usually a last resort.


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