How do I get liner OFF track?

Aug 2, 2011
I have water sitting behind the liner of our IG pool and wrinkles are starting to form around the lights/jets/skimmer and in the shallow end where the walls and bottom meet. The liner is not floating at the bottom but slightly at the sides - there seems to be about 1 - 2 inches of 'play' all around the pool when I push the liner toward the wall.

I topped up the water in the pool almost covering the skimmer in the hopes that the water behind the liner will recede on it's own, but's it not. It's been like that all season. It's very slowly getting worse so I've decided to try and pump the water out myself. Problem is, I can't seem to get the liner off it's track! I removed about a foot of the bead lock/wedge and tried using the handle of teaspoon to work the liner out but it won't budge. If I apply too much pressure I will just damage the liner.

The pic shows a cross section where the steps are with the bead lock in place (however I'm trying to remove the liner from a continuous section at the deep end).

What's the trick?



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Jun 13, 2009
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Use a bunch of duct tape to lift the liner up towards you so the bead unseats out of the receiver. It may also help to use a hair dryer to warm the area you are trying to remove as this allows it to become more pliable