How do I fix a Gunnite pool that was not cured properly?

Craig and Donna

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Feb 8, 2020
San Antonio,Texas
We just had our pool redone and there is little shine to it because we think the contractor did not allow sufficient time to cure it. It appears streaky, spotty, dull, not glistening like other pools because the sand or something is embedded in the Gunnite.
We have tried wire brushing it, adding acid to the water, but with no change.
The contractor said it will take a lot of time for the sand to dissolve and filter through, but because we found out too late and because he had done a horrific job redoing the other parts of the construction that we don't believe him that the pool will fix or cure itself in time with the water already in the pool.
Help!! Is he right or can we do something to get the pool sparkling blue as it should be.
Thank you for your feedback,
Craig and Donna


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Jul 21, 2013
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Craig and/or Donna, welcome to TFP.

It is hard to know what is going on with your new pool without seeing some pictures of what you think the problems are.

Some pool terminology- gunite is the concrete shell that formed your pool. On top of the gunite some type of plaster, quartz, or pebble finish was applied to waterproof the shell.

What pool finish surface was specified for your pool?

What do you think was not given sufficient time to cure? The finish begins curing as soon as it is applied and depending on the type of finish water starts filling the pool between immediately and the next day.

I don’t get about the sand.

Were you given a startup guide like any of these?



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Jul 16, 2012
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I’m also not clear if the water quality/clarity is at issue or the plaster surface or both. But yes, pictures taken with the filter off and a nice still water surface will be best to begin the problem solving.

@Texas Splash will probably be over before dinner to help you in person! He mans the San Antonio branch office of TFP. :) Or at least he’ll provide local moral support.

Texas Splash

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Hey C&D, welcome! :wave: Sorry to hear of your concerns. With a bit more info, we'll be happy to "ping" one of our plaster/build experts who might have some advice or words or encouragement. As Allen mentioned, more info about the type of surface material applied, photos, etc, will help to guide us through your concerns. Depending on your situation, the answer may not always be what you want to hear, but it will at the very least be honest from everyone here at TFP. Keep us posted and we'll look for updates.