How do I decide what pool I want?


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Feb 10, 2021
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I need help trying to figure out what I want. All I know is we want a pool after our house is built in June. How do I decide what pool I should get? I have never owned a pool before. Thank you in advance for the help and support.


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Aug 25, 2019
What and for whom are you building it for? Yourselves? Kids? Do you want to swim laps, play volleyball, or cannonball? All the above?

We built our pool mainly for hubby and I to entertain and lounge. We did a sport bottom, nothing fancy, but fairly large. We can fit a bunch of people in it. Those who want to shoot hoops can, those who want to lounge in a floatie can. Perfect for us. Keep in mind your long term plans as well. Our kids are going to be out of the house someday and I wanted to be left with a pool to serve US.😉
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Jul 7, 2014
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I agree with SSharp.. Ask yourself why you want a pool and how you plan to use it...

Some things you need to decide..

Do you want just a Pool, or a Pool with a Spa?

Do you like a freeform style of pool, or more of a rectangular style pool?

Do you want a standard pool with a shallow end and a deep-end, or do you want a sports pool where the depth is the same on each end and a little deeper in the middle?

Do you want a diving board which requires a large and deeper deep-end?

Do you have a budget and are you ready for some serious sticker shock??

There are plenty of other decisions, but those should get you started?


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