how do I combine two 1.5" lines into a larger suction line /upgrading to VS pump


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Jun 27, 2016
Phillipsburg, NJ
Existing pool motor (Hayward Superpump 1.0 HP) needs to be replaced very soon (motor bearing started screeching when I opened the pool).
Finished my crash course read of hydraulics 101 and all the threads I could find on choosing a new pump.
What have I learned?
1) I like the idea of a larger VS pump and my suctions lines are probably too small: single 1.5" line fed by a 1.5" tee from both skimmers.
2) So I should combine the 1.5" skimmer lines to a 2" or 2.5" line for the new pump.

Now the questions begin - I'm stuck figuring out how to upsize the above ground suction lines. Is there a tee with 1.5" x 2" x 1.5" connections? Do I get a 2" tee with smaller adapters?
The stub ups from the skimmers are really close together - how do I fit all this in such a small space? Getting to a 2" line seems tricky - is larger even possible?
What am I not seeing?

Discharge line is currently 1.5" to the Hayward filter and then the chlorine feeder (that we stopped using 5 years ago thanks to TFP!) and then a tee to two 1.5" lines (one side of the tee splits again to eyeballs 2 & 3).
Do I leave the discharge side alone, or should I also upsize the discharge line? And what about the gate valve on the skimmer - is this necessary to keep?
Pictures of the suction lines

Thanks in advance