How did you find

How did you find TFP?

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Jul 17, 2007
I found and appreciated the expertise there. After trying to register as a new user there for weeks, found that the administrative interface is unavailable to the moderators to add a new user, and no one was reading the "Contact Us" message to board admin.

Glad to find your link to TFP at, and here I am. Hope to contribute down the line.


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Jul 24, 2007
Chicago, IL
Hi all. I came to this site after lurking around for a while after putting up the 15' Intex donut for my kids this summer. Using the expertise from there, I ended up with crystal clear water but like others was unable to register as a new user. I saw someone mention the TFP site and here I am.

It looks like many of the powerusers from poolforum have made their way over here in previous months as well. Since the poolforum site is running on autopilot considering Ben's absence, I wonder if would make sense to publicize this site a bit more on their forum and get the rest of the users over here.

Glad to be part of the community here. Thanks for having me. :-D


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Jun 18, 2007
Spring, Texas
KTDave told me about it over at

When I first came, I thought, man...what a cool site THEN I swa SeanB was a local Texan like wonder it's so great!

Nice job have really drawn in a lot of people around the country and the world. Congratulations


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Aug 14, 2007
"Uwimage" from another forum I frequent, S2000 Club Of America, mentioned this site. I know he's always in his pool, so I figured you all are doing something right. :D

I'm sure I'll learn a lot here. Thanks for providing a forum for pool people.


LifeTime Supporter is great and the original. However traffic is a bit slower these days (in part due to locked registration). I wish it would reopen or we could somehow merge expertise from these two sites.

All that said, I like the nice pictures and polish of this site. I also like seeing some names that have helped me in the past on PF. I appreciate the care taken to respec those who stay loyal to PF and those who decide TFP's merits earn their membership (without poaching). I'll keep checking PF but I'm going to start looking more often on TFP. I like learning from others and helping as many people as possible (by good example or hard-learned experience :) ).


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Hello Zephans and welcome to TFP! Glad you like it and hope you'll feel at home here as well. We have been very fortunate that so many knowledgeable people have migrated over and been available to give expert advice. I do hope that all PF members will feel welcome here and, should it ever cease operation, make TFP their default source for pool info.