How close to cut foam base around an intex pool?


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Jun 12, 2020
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We just finished setting up our intex pool on pink extruded foam with a tarp on top. We cut the foam and tarp about a 1.5 feet wider than the pool. I wonder if we should cut the foam and tarp to be closer to the pool edge. How close do most folks cut it? We are planning to put stones around the pool - I was thinking I should cut the foam close to the pool edge, unless people have luck just putting the stones on top? I'm also curious what most folks do with their foam over the winter.

Thanks so much!


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Jun 29, 2016
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I didn’t use foam, but I did use a tarp. I cut it within a few inches of the pool, and then ringed the pool with white beach pebbles.


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May 22, 2020
Little Rock, Arkansas
I would cut a few inches. You can leave the 1.5 ft and then trim it after the pool is filled or filling. We ended up with excess foam on one side then the other. We trimmed and tapped it. We trimmed it after the pool was full.
We put our foam on the pavers and the feet on the foam. But we only used 1/2 in. Next time I’ll use 1-2 inch foam.