How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).


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Jul 9, 2019
Winnipeg, Manitoba
I've learned so much just from reading and searching here... Third year of pool ownership and since I found your site, this third year has been the best! For the first two years I was clueless!View attachment 148759

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At first glance, while I was very impressed with your clarity, I figured that your vacuum missed a couple of small spots. Then I scrolled and realized it was schmutz on my monitor. Time to SLAM my office computer!



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Aug 26, 2016
Berks County, PA
Sorry guys for breaking the thread rules, but can't resist throwing in one of my baqua pool from a few days ago. I'd say this is about 3/4 clear after recovering from the disaster of the major haymaking operation that went on for 2 days in the fields. 5 days before this pic was taken you couldn't even see past the 2nd step.

One more from a few years ago....clear enough to see the reflected sunset colors 😃

IMG_1834 copy.jpg
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