how badly do i need CALCIUM


Jun 14, 2010

im pretty new here and im pretty new in the pool owning world.

i've read a lot and im starting to understand more the chimistry of the pool.
i did calculation with the pool calculator but im unshure if i used the good parameter.

first : i tell you my actual pool reading and guessing. you have to know that i just fill the pool after painting it. At the beginning i shock for 24 hour with the chlorinator, i run the pump and chlorinator 24h a day for the last 2 week. Now i run the SWG and the pump 12h a day. the swg is at minimum and chlorine occillate between 2-4. But im limited on the real number by my test,as it read only from 0 to 3 ppm after i guess on yellow intensity.

reading from a 15$ test kit

CL : 3
PH :7.5
TA: 95
CH: guess at 140 ( from city number)
CYA: guess at 25 ( from pool calculator estimate using 6 lbs of isocyanuric acid)
Salt: Guess at 4200 ( from calculator )

1-i use a SWG. i cant figure how to consider the paint as plaster, vinyl, fiberglass?
2-the cya is a bit low i think i will raise it slowly
3- i wonder how badly i need more calcium to prevent corrosion.
4-is isocyanuric acid, is it the same as cyanuric acid, does it need more?

Actually the water is clear but at night, if i look at the underwater light, i see that the water has a haze. it might be du to the limit of filtration from sand filter. i know i put a bit too much salt, but this will go down with back wash and fill up.

i would like to have a taylor kit but im doomed since i live in canada and they seem hard to find. There is no Us merchant that want to ship here and TF-100 can't be shipped here too. the only i saw here was 3 time the price of the same US kit.

your advice are welcome,


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May 7, 2007
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You need better test results than just guessing. If you really can't afford a Taylor kit, you still need something.

If you painted everywhere below the water line and the paint is in good condition you can treat the pool as a vinyl liner pool. But if there are any leaks in the paint layer you should treat it as a plaster pool.

Yes, isocyanuric acid is the same stuff as cyanuric acid.


Jun 14, 2010

thanks for answer. it's not really that i can afford the kit. it's just that paying 240$ for the regular k2006 seem to be a total ripoff.

if some of your fellow american want to have a side line... buy TF 100 or k2006 and sell them on ebay for us canadian.

i will come back with more precise result,