how are my chemicals?


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Jun 4, 2020
I have a pro company doing the maintenance this year. Attached are the results from the pool test. Pretty much this whole season all they did is keep the chlorine high, and added about 1/3 bucket of alkalinity plus twice. Not sure what they did for opening. I think just shocked it.

What do I need to tell them to do now before the contract is over next week? I already told them I plan to take over service next year but they will be opening/closing for me. We are on good terms, just wanted them to do it my first year owning a pool.



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Jan 17, 2012
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You'll want to lower that pH by closing. Make sure they use Muriatic Acid and not dry acid. Dry acid is bad for plaster.

You also are low on calcium for a plaster pool. Have them address that.

I would suggest a better test kit- one that includes the FAS-DPD tester for FC/CC at higher levels. I personally prefer the TF-100, but the other one we recommend is the K-2006C. The TF-100 can be found at the other one online at various sources.

That's all I see at this point.



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Jul 16, 2012
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They are correct that phosphates are food for algae, however, you need not pay any attention to phosphates. So long as your FC is kept in proper relation to your CYA FC/CYA Chart, algae will never get started and phosphates never enter the conversation. And if you do get algae, you increase FC via the SLAM Process and eliminate it.

Those here who do their own pool testing never test for phosphates. It’s just not part of the necessary chemical balancing equation.
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