How am i doing?


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Sep 23, 2016
New pool owner with swg. Testing with taylor k 2006.
Fc 5.5
Cc 0.5
Ph 7.8
Ta 60
Ch 380
Cya 50
Salt 3800

I feel like my Cya is too low and fc is too high. Do i add nore acid? Also does running my swg for longer increase my fc?

I've also been leaving my pool cover on during the week as we are not in it as much then. It's pretty warm where i am (80-100s) so i keep it on to conserve heat so that i don't have to heat it up so much ch on the weekend. So maybe i dont have the benefit of the sun to eat up the chlorine.



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Jul 10, 2012
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Nice job on the test kit! You should add it to your signature so everyone can see it when you post.

Here is a couple of links for you:

Pool School - Recommended Levels

Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart

You will see that a higher CYA is called for when you have a SWG. I would work on pushing that up just a little. Go slow as it is easier to add CYA than to take it out.

Your FC is at your target level so good to go!

How is your water looking? Does is shine like a jewel when you take the cover off?



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Jul 7, 2014
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You asked "Also does running my swg for longer increase my fc?"

The amount of chlorine that your SWCG produces is based upon two things...

1. The percentage of output you select on the SWCG.

2. The number of hours your pump runs..

So for example... If you set your SWCG at 100% and run your pump for 1 hour, the SWCG will produce the same amount of chlorine as if you set your SWCG to 10% and run your pump for 10 hours.

The amount of chlorine generated is a combination of SWCG percentage and pump run time.

The longer you run the pump at the same percentage, the more chlorine it produces.


Jim R.


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Sep 23, 2016
How long are you running the pump or what are the hours/rates you have it scheduled to run? Might help us.
The rate is at 50% and I was running for 7 hours but I have dropped that to 4 hours. I like the idea of having a higher rate for less time. I will also work on adding more acid.