How about skimmers and returns??


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May 12, 2008
Baton Rouge, LA area
With our package for the new pool, we are getting 1-skimmer and 2-returns (jets). I was wondering if you all think we should go with more than this in the setup.

Our pool will be 16 X 32 inground vinyl, rectangle. It will be in our backyard, no trees within about 80-90 feet of it. Pretty much wide open area, so I don't think we will get much leaves or debris in it, but not sure yet. Do you guys think the 1 skimmer will do the job??

I am of going with a suggestion of getting the 1 skimmer and then adding a poolskim if necessary to pick up the slack.

I mentioned this in another post, and someone mentioned debris getting stuck in the steps area, and it might be good to put a 3rd return jet there to help circulation of stuff off the steps. That makes sense, so I may add that 3rd jet. What do you guys think, will I need more than that?




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Apr 2, 2008
Acton Maine
I think we already answered this in another post. You should keep your pool build questions to your build post.

With that said I will reinforce the last answer. More is always better! But it costs more. Talk to your pb about cost of all of this stuff first before you keep adding because I guarantee you guys have a budget for the pool. hope this answers your question.