hot tub tripped at circuit breaker and wont come back on


Sep 8, 2018
weve had the hot tub for about 4 years and no problems but about a month ago when i was in it in tripped at the circuit breaker. i reset it and it came back on. this time same thing happened but it will not come back on. i tried reseting the breaker but nothing. please help

.......i did finally get it back on by resetting the circuit breaker but what is causing this??
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Jul 21, 2013
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Probably water starting to leak into a motor or heater.

Be careful as GFCI tripping means the hot tub is becoming unsafe.


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Nov 25, 2019
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Something in your tub is electrically shorting or grounding, a pump motor is locking up or failing.
circuit breakers generally do not trip without reason & they're there for your safety.
If the tub has been there 4 years, I’m going to assume the wiring & breaker sizing isn’t an issue & most likely there’s a failed/failing component within the tub.


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Jul 7, 2014
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A little early at only 4 years old, but the first thing I would suspect is the heater... It has a heating eliminate or two that is in contact with the water. It does not take much breakdown of the insulation for there to be enough leakage current to trip the breaker.. It could be other stuff, but the heater is the main source of this problem.

You really do not want to use the tub until you have fixed the problem.

You can disconnect the wires going to the heater and then run the tub, without people, for a week and see of it ever pops the breaker.


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Sep 8, 2018
i think i will call someone tomorrow. havent really used since original post and tonight it seemed to blow when all jets, heat pump, and lights were all on for awhile, but was fine with just lights heat pump and one set of jets on. i think its when everything is on at same time because its fine when its idle and not in use

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Calling someone might be a good idea if you're not electrically inclined, but let me ask a couple of questions.

1) When you tried to reset the breaker did it trip immediately or did it take a second?
2) When you reset the breaker was there anything on in the tub? (pump, heater, blower, etc.)
3) How many times did you reset the handle before it held?

The reason I asked is if it's the GFCI section that's tripping it (immediate tripping, even before you get the handle fully reset) then you likely have a moisture issue somewhere. (And when it dried out some the breaker reset)
If the breaker was resetting and then tripping when you started the pump and/or heater, it could be a bad pump/heater or it could simply be a weakened breaker.