Hot tub controller? What is this?


May 31, 2020
San Jose
Hi, our in ground hot tub has this busted controller that is recessed into the ground. It’s never worked since we purchased the home. Most likely it’s 18-20 years old now. Is this a part that can be replaced? If so, where can I find it and what’s it called?
Also, the inside of the pipe it sits in, where the wire runs underground to the main controller, is filled with some water. Most likely from years of rain getting into it since it’s not sealed. Is this a problem? Can I just replace the controller head part and call it a day? Thanks!!


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Jul 7, 2014
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It is called a 4 button spa side remote and basically has 4 momentary switches the tell your automation to do something.. You can program the automation for different things, but usually something like turn on the heater, run the blow, increase the heat, etc..

I have not seen that specific one... What automation system do you have??

Not sure you can even buy that one, but suspect it will cost $400 or $500 bucks.. Water in the conduit should no be an issue.


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May 31, 2020
San Jose
@Jimrahbe its this one:
It’s hard to find for sale online actually. I reached out to them and they said
“Thank you for reaching out to us, the reason you cannot find on the internet is Jandy has quit the internet as of Jan 2019,
there are some items you can still buy, however, for this side remote you will need to purchase at a retail store or get it from a service company”

:LOL: Apparently Jandy “quit the Internet”...
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