Hot Tub cleaning


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Nov 6, 2019
Pascagoula, MS
Anyone have any suggestions regarding removing small debris from the bottom and seats in a hot tub. The guy that installed the electronics for my pool/hot tub recommended that I get the underwater rechargeable vacuum from Home Depot. I find that it is a bit unwieldy to use and when I use it on the steps it seems like it is even more difficult. I also have a sun deck that seems to collect debris but I can typically brush that into the main part of the pool, but it takes multiple passes with the brush to get things pushed into the pool. If I had something that could vacuum but was not so big or heavy it would be ideal.


Jan 9, 2021
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Liquid Chlorine
QuickVac QuickVac is the smaller version of the QuickDrain, both work by via manual/mechanical siphon action. Or cut a 4L jug of vinegar and use the flat edges as a scoop.