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Nov 3, 2016
My hot tub is separate from our pool and elevated about 30 inches above the pool water level. We have two modes (water circuits) pool where pump water is returned to (2) pool wall outlets and (1) return in the hot tub with a waterfall feature that spills over to the main pool. The main pool also has (2) floor returns. These two mode are controlled with (2) Jandy valves.

The second mode is hot tub only with (6) outlets and (2) floor returns. My problem of late is an air burb which occurs when I shut the hot tub off... shortly after the pump shuts off I get a big air burb from the side wall jets. The pump is hard to prime afterwards.

The system seems to be ingesting air from somewhere. My o-rings on the pump filter lid and cartridge filter appear to be in good shape. I haven’t noticed any water leaks on abnormal water level drops.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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Jul 7, 2014
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I agree with your diagnosis. Sounds like air is getting into your filter and being compressed. When you turn off the pump the compressed air causes the big burp and drives the water out of the pump and back into your spa.

Unfortunately, I have no clue where your air leak could be.. :(

Some things to try would be to vent the filter and then shut off the pump.. Won't fix anything but will confirm the issue.

Does the same thing happen when you shut off the pump in the pool mode? I would assume that you would get a burp out of the skimmer.. Sometimes these can be large enough to blow the skimmer lid off..

Let's see of we can get come of our other members to chime in..


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Jul 21, 2013
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Show us pics of your pool equipment and valves and plumbing.

Do you have one pump or two?

When you get the air burb out of the spa after you shutoff the pump is your system in POOL mode or SPA mode?

Do you switch the system back to POOL when done with the spa before turning off the pump?


Nov 3, 2016
After checking and replacing the usual suspects, pump lid seal & drain plug o-ring. I believe I have located the culprit... a leaky three port Jandy “Pro” Valve just ahead of the pump inlet (Pool/Spa control valve). I watched a video that suggested pouring water across the suspected hardware and joints.

When I soaked the control valve the bubbles disappeared in the pump filter basket. What a simple and easy analysis.

Now to replace the o-rings in the Jandy valve.

I believe the burp was the result of accumulated compressed air in the large cartridge filter that is about the same level as the spa. When I turn the spa off, the both inlet and outlet control valves rotate back to pool or ‘home’ position, during the start of that rotation is when the burp would occur.

I love our pool and totally maintain it, but there is always some bug to chase down and repair.

Problem solved 🤞
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