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Jul 6, 2012
Panama City Beach
Hi fellow TFPer's,
We have a new Blue Haven pool, finished filling last night. The plasterers poured acid over the plaster before they left Thursday night and we were told to brush twice a day after pool was full. This all happened a day later than planned so someone would have been here yesterday to start up the pool. Since its a holiday weekend our builder says no one is coming until Tuesday. I asked if we should do the hot start up procedure of adding 3.5 gallons acid per 10,000 gallons water before starting to brush and he said no it would void our warranty. My question is can the pool plaster be allowed to sit 3 days without doing the start up procedure?


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Here is our link to different start ups:

On the hot start one it does not give a time. It talks about "when no more plaster dust is seen when brushing".

I am not sure what else to tell you as the PB has pretty much put a lid on your idea with his warranty comment :(