Hot Springs MotoMassage repair

I've got to believe that others have had this problem.

We have 2 Hot Spring spas (same model) in our primary and vacation houses. One is 12 years old and the other is about 8. Both have been incredibly reliable and virtually trouble free. I noticed recently that the fancy oscillating massage jets weren't oscillating in either. I took it apart and found that both the water and air feed tubing had deteriorated and need to be replaced. The water tubing is a strange square cross section that is very flexible in only one orientation and you can't buy it separately; you have to buy the whole jet mechanism for $110 per jet. There are 3 jets per tub times 2 tubs is $660 for the repair. In all of the google universe, I found one link from someone who repaired it himself. The key was to start with thicker tubing and use a drum sander (I used an oscillating spindle sander) to thin 2 sides. Here is the link:

MotoMassage repair

I repaired all 6 jets for $10. The key is to pay attention to the orientation of the flat sides of the tubing at all times when assembling the jet and attaching it to the tub.
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