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Jun 3, 2009
Riverside, CA
Hi! I have been reading about Baqua to Chlorine conversions. I love the pretty pictures and would like to post my own, photos but don't know how. I am totally new to this forum/thread thing, but overall a decent computer user. I'm hoping to convert and become a life time supporter of TFP. This seems like a wonderful way to learn/teach about pool care. It seems like the pool stores are always out to get you just like the car dealer mechancis if you know what I mean. I'm learning how to post threads, etc. as I go and I'm sure I'm doing somethings incorrectly. If I do something wrong, please let me know 8)


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May 30, 2007
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Hi horsegal,

Lots of us use a free account at to upload our pix.

Happy to hear that you plan to support the site :wink: It's the supporters that keeps this great place going!

Welcome to the forum :wave: